HSU Women’s Soccer Coaches Named Regional Staff of the Year

HSU Women’s Soccer Coaches Named Regional Staff of the Year

November 27, 2018

KANSAS CITY, Mo – Hardin-Simmons' women's soccer coaching staff has been named the United Soccer Coaches NCAA Division III West regional coaching staff of the year. This marks the third year in a row that the Cowgirls' staff has been awarded this honor.

This is the seventh time that Marcus Wood has won the award in his 19 seasons at HSU. He led the Cowgirls to a record of 18-1-2 this season, making the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA Tournament for the fourth straight year.

Wood has three assistants, Brent Camp, Manuel Cordova, and Maddie McAdams, each of whom bring something special to the team.

Brent Camp has been with the Cowgirls for 13 years. He also is the head coach at Abilene High School.

"Brent is a veteran leader who does a little of everything," said Wood. "He is a big reason this team is able to accomplish what it does."

Manuel Cordova is in his fifth year helping as a Cowgirls' assistant. He had been the head coach at Abilene Wylie High School before moving to the Dallas area this year.

"Even after moving to Dallas, we knew his value and wanted to find a way to keep him," said Wood. "Manuel is such a great help with scouting, recruiting, and video editing. Their positive outlook on life is what makes Coach Camp and Cordova so special."

Maddie McAdams played for the Cowgirls for three years and returned to coach this year after graduating.

"Maddie was a tremendous competitor on the field and brings that to her coaching," said Wood. "She does a little of everything, a lot of technical work, a lot with individual players, helping them grow as players and as people."

"The best thing about all of our coaches is their character and who they are," said Wood. "Growing people is more important than growing players, and all of our coaches care about the people on this team. I admire and respect every member of our staff."

I asked some of our seniors to tell me what makes these coaches so special to them:

Lexie Kramber said, "Maddie is a special addition to our team. Despite her busy schedule, she is always helping our team in any way that's needed. Her soccer IQ adds great depth to our coaching staff and allows the players to gain knowledge of the game. She cares about each player on the team and is always offering to help them improve their game."

Josey Meyer said, "I think Cordova is an amazing coach because he has stayed committed to our team even when he moved away for a different head coaching position. Cordova was still willing to miss his work to travel with us on long trips and be a sounding board for Woody. During all our games, Cordova is critically analyzing the game and giving Woody suggestions for improvements. Cordova was also in charge of uploading film of our games and previous opponents. Without him we would not have been able to study and analyze the teams we were about to play. Lastly, Cordova would always make us hype videos before games that I know took a lot of effort and time. Those videos gave us the champion mindset we needed to out-play our opponents. Cordova is a fun, energetic, and wonderful coach to be around. He adds a lot of intelligence and insight to our team."

Kenne Kessler said, "I think Woody is an excellent coach because he takes the time to get to know each individual player as more than a player but a person. I have never had a soccer coach that has invested in me as a person and a player. It makes the atmosphere more enjoyable and makes it easier to show up each day. He is so successful because of this and because he puts so much time into the game. He is by far one of the most soccer-intelligent people I know, and I hope everyone gets a chance to learn from him."

Sarah Krisa said, "Maddie is the best GA ever. She has sacrificed so much of her time to helping us. She not only coaches us and gives us feedback on the field but helps with countless tasks off the field. Her work behind the scenes is something that makes this program so special. One of the biggest reasons we were "road tough" this season was because she went above and beyond to make sure we felt like we were at home no matter where we were. She always made sure we had everything we needed, and I can't thank her enough for all the Olive Garden orders, Walmart runs and snack packs. Maddie is such a blessing and we couldn't have asked for a better GA!"

Caitlin Christiansen said, "Brent is the most caring, hardworking coach that a team could ask for. He knew when to push us and make us better as athletes, but he also is a coach that cares about you as a person. I think why Brent is so successful on this team as a coach is his attitude and dedication. Being an assistant coach at HSU isn't his main job since he is the head coach at Abilene High, but he gives everything he can to us and works countless hours doing film and finding scouting reports. Brent is without a doubt the person and coach you want on your side. He is very level headed but will fight for you if that's what you need. He cares deeply about his players and we care deeply about him. He and the rest of the coaching staff deserve everything they are awarded and so much more." 

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