Video Auditions 

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There are four components of a video audition: technique, dance combo, kick combo and a "get to know you" interview style section.

For the technique component:

Please perform both right and left splits in the center of the floor, in addition to right and left double and triple pirouettes. Please perform right and left straight leaps, right and left switch leaps, right and left leaps in second, right and left calypsos, and right and left turning discs across the floor.

For the dance combination component:

Please perform a routine alone or in a small group exhibiting the above technique built into choreography. The quicker the tempo the better. You can use choreography from a past performance or create your own combo. Please give choreography credit where you can.

For the kick combination component:

Please perform the following: Two eight counts of straight kicks, left and right around the worlds (also called star kicks), left and right fans and two eight counts of graduated kicks. Kicks are very specific to dance team. If you’ve never kicked before, this combo has everything you need in it. Feel free to simply recreate it:

This video has a little instruction on kick technique:

For the final interview component:

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you think you will bring to the team as an individual and as a dancer. Share your strengths and weaknesses. Share how you came to be interested in being a part of the Spurs Dance team.

The production of the video does not need to be taken seriously. The goal of this video is simply to showcase your capabilities as a dancer. You can shoot it on your phone in an open space with enough lighting for us to see you and call it good. Please wear form-fitting dance clothing and jazz shoes if you have them. You can find a sample audition on our YouTube channel, The HSU Spurs Dance Team.

Once you are satisfied with your video please upload to Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube, Google Drive and/or email to Don’t forget to complete your online application.